Real Hunting and Campfire Humor

Tell Jack Sr. thank you so much for writing his books.

When I received your email last fall announcing the latest book -"Real Hunting and Campfire Humor". I tagged it hoping to get it as a Christmas gift. Needless to say, I was disappointed when I didn't. When my wife asked what I wanted for Fathers Day, I immediately told her that I wanted the book. I was surprised when she gave me both of the books and even more surprised that Jack Sr. signed them. I have just finished reading both and I was not disappointed.

I was born in 1959 and Outdoor Life was one of the first things that I began reading. I could not get enough of the outdoors then and that desire has never left. To me Jack O'Conner was the best writer that! have ever read - painting pictures so real that I was actually there. I was born to a poor family. While. I have come a long way, I still have never made my dream of sheep hunting like O'Conner come true and with each passing year, it is beginning to look like it never will. Working your way thru college and raising a family has a way of keeping finances very tight. With a daughter in college and a son that will be in a couple of years, the finances will not loosen up for a few years still. I guess that it is sad to say that I have lowered my dreams to at least making a trip of some sort out west to hunt, but that seems to be a much more realistic goal right now. My brother-in-law lives and works in Denver so I am hoping to make a trip that will let my wife spend some time with him and give me a few days for a DIY trip to the mountains. I hope to do it like Jack O'Connner and Jack Atcheson!

Jack Sr.'s books brought back some of the same feelings that I got reading O'Conner 40 years ago. I felt like I was there on many of those hunts and could feel the wind in my face and the snow overtopping my boots. Jack, you have been blessed with your life and your family. Jack Sr., I wish you many more years and hope that you will bless us with at least one more book.

Sincerely, Dan Chism

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"I knew Atcheson could hunt, but didn't realize he could write in the vein of Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa, and Peter Hathaway Capstick."

Parker Heinlein, Bozeman Daily Chronicle


"This book is not long enough. The stories are so good and well written; the reader soon has an unquenchable thirst for more. I admire your ability and detail of events. One chapter, in which Atcheson tells of hunting tigers while a GI in Korea, is not only a hunting story, but the most brilliantly descriptive vignette of the Korean War I've ever read."

Jim Carmichel, Outdoor Life


"This is more than hunting, it is true adventure. Jack, your book is destined to become one of the great hunting books of this century."

Duncan Gilchrist, Foundation North American Wild Sheep


"What a marvelous book. The hunting world is a far greater and better place, thanks to your contributions and exemplary ways,"

John Jackson, President, Safari Club International


"I just received your book. It's wonderful."

Jerry Bethge, Editor, Harris Publishing Company


"This is a great book. The ultimate Christmas present."

Tom Mclntyre, Sports Afield



Craig Boddington, Petersen's Hunting

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